Welcome to Sts. John and Paul

The Parish of Sts. John and Paul was established in July of 1978. We are a vibrant church located in the bustling Village of New Maryland, NB. We offer a number of services throughout the week, and hope that you will take a few minutes to visit our site if you are looking for a church to call home.

On behalf of our our pastoral team and our church family, we thank you for dropping by to visit us today. Open your Heart to God and we will open our arms to welcome you.

New to the Parish? Please let us know about you by printing off our census form, filling it out and giving it to Father Mark Trzop. Or you can place it in the offertory basket. 

Interested in contributing through our Direct Deposit system? Print off and fill in the form and give it to Father Mark Trzop, or place it in the offertory basket.

Music performed by: St. Mary's Chapel Choir, CFB Gagetown. 

Dedicated to the memory of Father Dan Thivierge.

Used with Permission.